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Latest News & Events in TNA - 2023 to 2024

Date Events Description Photos
20 January 2024 Athletic Meet at Ajeya Stadium A state level athletic meet of sporting events including running, jumping, throwing, and walking held at Ajeya Stadium Avadi. Our students actively participated and achieved success. Click Here
13 January 2024 Annual Day On January 13, 2024, the campus held a big celebration of the Annual School Day, attracting a large number of parents and well-wishers. The keynote speaker for the day was Mr. Dr. A. Kaliyamurthy, a former Trichy superintendent of police. Beyond his role as Superintendent of Police, Dr. Kaliayamurthy was also involved in various social initiatives and outreach programs aimed at supporting marginalized communities, promoting education, and empowering youth.

The founder, Dr. Mrs. Chandra David, gave Ms. Charu Srimitha M., who received a 93% on her CBSE Grade 10 board exam, a free scholarship cheque for Rs. 1,59,000 to further her studies in Grades XI and XII. Also, 50% Free Scholarship was awarded to Masters Sriram Kumar M and Senthoor Selvan S, who placed second and third, respectively, for their Grades XI and XII studies..
Click Here
10 January 2024 RSP Rally Our students gathered and participated in the rally on 10th January 2024 to create awareness about the importance of safe driving practices, advocate for improved road infrastructure, and promote measures to reduce traffic accidents and fatalities. The key objectives are educating the public about the risks and consequences of reckless driving behaviors and encouraging community involvement in road safety initiatives. The students were accompanied by the RSP officials and staff members of TNA. Click Here
23 December 2023 Teachers Delight “We are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas time.” TNA created engaging activities for the teachers with a day full of fun activities, and events. All the teachers actively participated and enjoyed themselves spreading the love and joy. Click Here
21 December 2023 Christmas Program "Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection." Winston Churchill. Christmas celebration was held on 21st December 2023, at TNA. The event started with the skit showing the nativity of Jesus Christ with carols sung by the choir followed by cake cutting. A video showcasing classroom decorations was shown to the audience, and the finest decoration was chosen and given a prize. The event concluded with the special message by the Chief Guest Pastor Suresh Joshua. Christmas cakes and gifts were distributed to the students. Click Here
15 December 2023 Monsoon Day The monsoon day is celebrated with full excitement and enthusiasm at The Nazareth Academy. The tiny tots were brought out in the open to enjoy the rainy weather. They celebrated by wearing colourful raincoats and holding cute umbrellas to school. It was fun getting drenched and singing songs. TNA created artificial rain for the students to relish the rainy weather. Click Here
01 December 2023 Robotics Competition National level project competition was conducted for the school students of grade IX on 1st December 2023 at Saveetha Engineering College. The theme was modern healthcare, smart city, technology for rural development. Our students participated on the science and technology innovation challenge and developed projects on Spotless Restroom and Open Drainage Alert. Click Here
01 December 2023 Drawing Competition Dream Kalam International conducted drawing competition towards the topic Environmental Awareness for the Students of KG to Grade XII on 1st December 2023. NA
01 December 2023 Emotional Intelligence Mrs. Baby Mano from Nazareth College of Education conducted a session on Emotional Intelligence to all the staff members of TNA to build, develop, and maintain one’s Emotional Quotient. The session helped our teachers to build strong relations, succeed at work, and enhance their Emotional Intelligence. This training comprises Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Empathy and Social Skill. NA
24 November 2023 SV Badminton Tournament CSSC Avadi cluster conducted an Interschool Badminton Tournament at Sudharsanam Vidyaashram on 24th and 25th November 2023. Sree Bhadra N of Grade VIII won the first prize and Geetika S of Grade VIII won the third prize in the interschool tournament. Click Here
14 November 2023 Vaccine Drive TNA plays a crucial role in promoting vaccination and safeguarding the well-being of students. Students ranging from the age group of 5 to 7 took DPT (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis) vaccine and 10 to 16 years took TD (tetanus-diphtheria) vaccine. Click Here
14 November 2023 Children’s Day Celebration TNA celebrated Children’s Day on 14th November 2023 to commemorate 130th birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The event began with a special assembly by teachers followed by the motivational speech by the Principal, Ms. Stella Juliet. Consequently, a dance program was presented by a group of teachers Click Here
4 November 2023 SV Zest Interschool Competition Sudharshanam Vidhyasram conducted inter school competition for the grades of VI to XII. The programs conducted were Solo Song, Folk Dance, Solo Instrument, Fireless Cooking, Spin A Yarn, Junk Art, Face Painting, Adaptune, Block N Tackle, Adzap, 3D Art, Wrong Answers Only, Western Dance, Ramp Walk, Gagster - Standup Comedy, Directors Cut, Channel Surfing, Group Song, Group Dance, and Costume Designing. Our TNA team won Fork Dance – I prize, Face Painting – I prize, Adaptune – II & III prize, Adzap – III prize, 3D Art – III prize, Standup Comedy – II & III prize, Channel Surfing – III prize, Group Song – I prize, Group Dance – I prize, Costume Designing – II prize, Director’s Cut – I prize. Click Here
26 October 2023 Student Counselling – Grade IX Counselling was given to the students of Grade IX to improve various academic and social skills that can be translated to better grades, stronger friendships, improved behavior and other positive outcomes. NA
26 October 2023 RSP Program - VIA Creative Challenge The Road Safety Patrol scheme trains students to regulate traffic near schools, under the guidance of a traffic police. VIA creative challenge is a part of VIA road safety education program. VIA conducted a poster making competition on the topic “Pedestrian Safety”. Our students participated in the event and won the second prize. Click Here
14 October 2023 Parent - Teacher Meeting (Term I) On 14-10-2023, the school conducted a Parent-Teachers Meeting for all Grades of Students from KG to Grade XII. Points discussed were student’s progress and growth in individual subjects, discipline and attendance. Parent-teacher sessions help parents understand their child's strengths and weaknesses. Teachers talked about the child's academic skills, areas to improve, and overall progress in class. NA
13 October 2023 Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam – Competition To commemorate Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s 92nd birth anniversary on 15th October 2023, TNA organised various activities for students of Grade VI to VIII to refine the creative and innovative spirit of the children. Competition conducted were Portrait of Kalam, Quiz and Essay writing where more than 100 students participated and presented their skills. Click Here
12 October 2023 Field Trip Grade 5 – Egmore Museum The Grade V Students were taken to the Egmore Museum on 12th October 2023 to nourish their knowledge about the magnificent culture and heritage of India. The Government Museum Chennai is one of the oldest museums in India. The architecture of the museum, featuring a beautiful blend of Indian and Islamic architectural elements fascinated the young explorers. Click Here
29 September 2023 World Heart Day TNA celebrated World Heart Day by conducting a special session on Heart disease. The session was delivered by Dr.Kanaga Sabai (RTD.) Dean, Rajiv Gandhi Govt General Hospital. The chief guest delivered the message to raise the awareness about heart health and accelerate actions to prevent, detect and manage cardiovascular diseases. Click Here
9 September 2023 PTM Meeting The Nazareth Academy conducted Parent Teacher Meeting on 9th September 2023 of all Grades from I to XII to get the valuable suggestions and feedbacks from the respected parents. The main motive of this PTM contact is to build the interaction of parents with teachers regard to their ward’s curriculum activities. Click Here
8 September 2023 Book Exhibition To celebrate the joy of reading books and to inculcate reading habits among the students, TNA organised Book Fair from 8th and 9th September 2023. It included a diverse selection of books from several categories to motivate the readers. The book fair was inaugurated by the Principal, Ms. Stella Juliet. Students were motivated to become avid readers and explore these treasure houses of deep knowledge. Students of all grades explored all the categories of books during the whole week. Click Here
5 September 2023 Teachers Day Celebration The Teacher’s Day was organised with incredible pleasure and zeal by the students of The Nazareth Academy on 5th September 2023. Many games were planned in the school's main lobby, which made them feel nostalgic. Students performed a brilliant cultural show to denote their love, respect, acknowledgement and recognition of the hard work done by the teachers towards their growth. The cultural show incorporated poems, songs, dance etc. Click Here
28 August 2023 RSP Rally Road Safety Patrol service organised a Road Safety Rally on 28th August 2023 led by the cadets of The Nazareth Academy. The rally started from the Avadi Corporation Office where RSP officials gave an informative lecture to the students highlighting the necessity to follow the traffic rules. The students have taken part in the Rally carrying placards depicting all the effects of rash driving, consequences of not wearing helmets, not following speed rules and non-wearing of seat belts. The students were accompanied by the RSP officials and PT staff members of TNA. After the rally, all the students took part in the inauguration program conducted at Govt. Girls Higher Sec. School, Avadi. Click Here
17 August 2023 Field Trip Grade 4 – Birla Planetarium As part of the curriculum, 102 Students of Grade IV with PT staff and sub staff were taken on a field trip to Birla Planetarium on 17th August 2023. Children’s enjoyed the hall of fame around the main theatre, with portraits and statues of scientists and photographs and models of various heavenly bodies, celestial phenomena and space missions dotted around. They also enjoyed the virtual tour of the night sky that is organised here, with wonderful views. On the whole, it was a refreshing, educational and fun-filled experience for the students. Click Here
17 August 2023 RSP Inauguration Tamil Nadu Police Traffic Organi sation inaugurated RSP in TNA on 17th August 2023, Thursday. Students of Grade VIII and IX have been enrolled as Road Safety Patrol cadets to monitor and regulate vehicular traffic near schools. RSP is a Road Safety Patrol involving traffic management, safety code for pedestrians, cyclists, two wheeler riders, four wheelers, road signs, road markings and traffic signals. Click Here
15 August 2023 Independence Day and Investiture Ceremony The Student Council of the Nazareth Academy was inaugurated on the propitious occasion of the Independence Day of India. The four houses (Jacinth, Jasper, Amber, Garnet) marched generously and the Chief Guest Major M. Chandran, Indian Army took the salute and hoisted the tricolor. The Student Council Members were introduced by the Principal, Ms. Stella Juliet and the oath of office was administered by Major M.Chandran in the presence of Mr. Henry Maris, the Secretary of the Nazareth Institutions. The badges were offered to the Student Council Members and the Volunteers of the School. The Students performed skit, dance, songs and speeches to kindle the patriotic feelings in the audience. The free contributions of the students towards the orphans and down trodden were handed over to various NGOs like the Little drops, Open Hands Charitable Trust, Friends for the needy. The enthralling crowd of parents were imbibed with the great love for their country in their spirits as they departed after the Programme. Click Here
10 August 2023 Field Trip Grade 3 – Egmore Museum The Grade III Students were taken to the Egmore Museum on 10th august 2023 to gain knowledge of our rich culture and tradition. The students were curious and much excited to see the structures, primeval coins and various other monuments. The sculptures were maintained from the period of Chera, Chola and Pallavas with different arts, brass collections and pottery. Students visited the sculpture gallery, science gallery, ethology and folk religion gallery and finally, the contemporary art gallery located at the museum. Click Here
4 August 2023 Student Council Election 2023 The election for the Students’ Council was held at The Nazareth Academy on 4th August 2023. The motto of appointing the Student’ Council is to provide a platform to the students to develop leadership qualities by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects. In addition to planning events that contribute to school spirit and community welfare, the Student’ Council is the voice of the student body. They help share student ideas, interests and concerns with the school wide community. Click Here
3 August 2023 Field Trip Grade I - Eco Park Avadi Students of Grade I went on a field trip to the Avadi Eco Park to explore the diversity of the ecosystem around them. Totally, 129 students with 4 teachers, 1 PT staff and 2 sub staff accompanied the children. Students enjoyed the day amidst the beauty of serene nature. Click Here
28 July 2023 Red Day Celebration The 'Red Day' celebration was celebrated on 28th July to help children for sorting and classifying objects based on colours there by reinforcing their cognitive skills. The tiny tots looked magnificent in their red outfits. All students spoke a few sentences on the red object they brought from home. It was an entertaining day where kids were glowing and reflecting brightness, joy, and happiness. Click Here
28 July 2023 Nature Conservation Day The students of Grade VI to IX celebrated World Nature Conservation Day on 28th July, 2023. The motto was to instill the importance of cultivating nature for a challenging and enhanced future. Students prepared posters and carried over placards with different messages. Click Here
27 July 2023 Field Trip Grade II – Chennai Rail Museum TNA organised a field trip for the children of grade II to Chennai Rail museum. 142 kids accompanied by 8 teachers, one PT staff and 2 sub staff visited the museum. Students witnessed the rail models, a gallery, and an antique steam engine that was functional in the Nilgiri Mountains. Students had a joy train ride which gave them a vision of the landscape around the museum. The gallery has a running rail model which has an automatic signaling system. Students learned about its working, automatic railway gate opening and closing. Click Here
21 July 2023 Dream Kalam Valedictory Function Students from KG to Gr. XII contributed waste papers weighing about 2.2 tons and in turn received the saplings and certificates for the contribution. There were 76 students who contributed 10 kg or more of waste materials to the Dream Kalam International. Among 13 schools, our school The Nazareth Academy has won the best Green School Award. Other awards are best green supporter, best green recycler and best green guardian. Click Here
21 July 2023 Citizen consumer and civic Action Group (CAG) The session of the Energy Club was held on the 21st of July 2023. The Energy Club is an activity based club intended to function as a resource by the students and for the students. This session is conducted for the students of Grade VI, VII and VIII. The club aims to inculcate mindful energy usage and conservation practices among children. Click Here
19 July 2023 Kids and Schools Athletic Championship 2023 Kids and Schools Athletic Championship 2023 sports event was conducted on 19th July 2023. Around 11 schools in and around Avadi with a total number of 714 students participated in the event. Grade-wise competitions were conducted in a well-organized manner which boosts children's confidence and helps them maintain good health. The event was inaugurated by Dr. T. Christopher Nallarasu, Director of Physical Education, Margregorios College, Chennai. Under the leadership of a team of well-trained coaches and volunteers, the event welcomed the students and imbibed their new skills and a passion for sports. The students were served with refreshments during the session. The prizes awarded were best athlete boy, best athlete girl, the runner-up trophy for primary and secondary and the overall championship trophy. Participation certificates were also awarded to increase students’ interest in future events. Click Here
15 July 2023 Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Birth Anniversary July 15 marks the 121st birth anniversary of Perunthalaivar Kamaraj, a freedom fighter and politician, known as much for his simplicity and personal integrity, which was celebrated in a grand manner at THE NAZARETH ACADEMY. As a part of the celebration, students performed a meaningful song depicting his passion towards the students and their education. The dance performance was really a feast for the audience and the starring moment was the fashion walk of many junior Kamarajars’. Click Here
7 July 2023 SV SCIENTIFICA '23 S. Nithu of Grade XII and Sai Priya of Grade XII won third prize for PPT Presentation. R.S Anu Dhaareni of Grade XII and V. Delila Antonit of Grade XII won first prize for Static Model presentation in Mathematics. K.V. Dansri of Gr. VI D and R. Novena of Gr. VI C won the first prize in the Science Static Model. Sree Lakshmi Sreejith of Gr. VIII A and U. Kaviya of Gr. VIII A won the first prize in PPT – Science. M. Jayaprabha of Gr. XII A and O.M. Thanigaa of Gr. XII A won the third prize in the Maths Paper Presentation - Visualising Area of Circle at the SCIENTIFICA '23 conducted by Sudharsanam Vidhyashram. Click Here
30 June 2023 Green Kalam Project Dream Kalam International conducted a Recycling Campaign to create awareness among students for protecting the environment for a better tomorrow. Recycling paper can minimize the cutting of trees. Students from KG to Gr. XII participated in the event and contributed tons of waste papers. Click Here
26 June 2023 Green Day The Science Club conducted the Green Day activity in a well-organized manner to create awareness for UKG children under the theme Save Nature. The students came to school dressed in pretty green attire. Children brought green snacks and eatables for their lunch. Few children came as live objects of trees, fruits, and vegetables. They also recited rhymes about the props used. Click Here
24 June 2023 Inter School Cricket Match Great Harvest Vidyalaya conducted Inter School Cricket Match on 24th June, Saturday. Our Students won the runner up trophy and Master Sanjay of Grade XII won the Best Batsman Award. Click Here
20 June 2023 Mass Rally on Reading for Empowerment Grade VI Students of TNA organized a mass rally on “Reading for Empowerment” to create awareness among students to identify and improve reading strategies. More than hundred students and staff members participated in the rally. Students raised slogans and carried over more placards with different messages. Click Here
17 June 2023 CE Platinum and Sapling Plantation TCE conducted a one day workshop for the teachers of all grades on the usage of application that integrated the brilliant features with industry leading content, white board with gesture controls, games and 3D animations. Dr.Dijju, National Academic Head, Tata ClassEdge explained about delivering the high quality teaching methodologies for effective classroom teaching. Tata ClassEdge also plants sapling at TNA campus on the occasion of launching “CE Platinum” tool which is their second launch all over the country. Click Here
15 June 2023 World Record - Mouth Wash The record-breaking event took place on June 15, 2023, at Nazareth Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Avadi, where a staggering 2,456 individuals gathered to participate in the oral care extravaganza. In association with the Lions Club of Avadi, supported by Nazareth Matriculation Higher Secondary School, a new world record has been set for using mouthwash simultaneously at a single venue. Click Here
13 June 2023 Phonics Staff Orientation TNA conducted a staff orientation program on “Phonics” to read and pronounce words by learning the sounds of letters, group of letters and syllables. Ms. Ruth Nixson explained about the systematic structure and reading approach to the teachers of KG to grade V. Click Here
12 June 2023 Welcoming the Academic Year 2023 TNA celebrated the start of 2023-24 school year with a special assembly by students of all grades from KG to XII. The morning assembly commenced with flag hoisting, morning prayer, thought for the day, thirukural, motivational speech, new teachers’ introduction, and words of wisdom by the vice-principal Ms. Stella Juliet. The first day of school also portrayed “One Nation, One Identity” where our primary students dressed up in traditional attire of all states of India. Click Here
9 June 2023 State Level Conference – FLN, NEP and G20 Ms. Pavithra Rao and Ms. Shalini, the staff members of TNA, attended the state level conference organized by CBSE to emphasize the involvement of all sections of society in education. The conferences aimed to create awareness, promote understanding, and enhance knowledge about G20 and the fundamentals of the Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FLN) and National Education Policy (NEP) through activities. The activities are Panel discussion, Talk, Lecture on NEP implementation, Screening of Film on FLN, Lecture on G20, Quiz, and Painting competition on G20. Students of Grade VI to VIII participated in the events and showcased their talents. MIME show on G20 was staged to denote ONE WORLD that involved the sections of 19 countries and 1 European Union. Panel discussion was done by Students of 2 groups sharing their views on NEP policy to be implemented. Click Here
7 June 2023 “Koodu” Orientation Mr. Dhanasekar from Teachsub technologies of Nazareth Group organized a one day workshop for the teachers of grade X to XII. He explained about the usage of the LMS “KOODU” which is a platform for delivering online classes. KOODU provides tools for content management, assessments, grading, communication, assignment submission, student performance tracking and analysis. Educators can easily upload and organize course materials such as documents, videos, quizzes, and interactive activities in one location. This ensures easy access to learning resources for students, eliminating the need for physical materials. Click Here
5 June 2023 Macmillan Orientation MacMillian Orientation was conducted by Mr. Marimuthu on the usage of Crimson Textbook for the teachers of all grades. Click Here
3 June 2023 Ebix – Brio Panel Usage Ms. Chandramouli from Ebix trained our teachers of all grades from KG to XII on the usage of an Interactive Flat Panel or “smart board” that facilitate a professional approach to provide greater interactivity and make learning a simple, easy and fun process. Click Here
3 June 2023 Prachi (Computer Science) Orientation Mr. Navindran Kumar from Prachi Publications conducted an Orientation program for the teachers of grade III to V. The focus is on basic concepts of Information Technology, cyber safety, office tools and programming skills through hands on learning experience. NA
2 June 2023 Macmillan (Crimson) Orientation Dr. Hussain Basha from Macmillan publications conducted an orientation program for the teachers of all grades on the topic Teacher Empowerment. The modules that are covered under this program includes Psychology, Sensory Calibration, Learning Difficulties, Multiple Intelligence, Quadrants of Learning, The Structure of Experience, Eye Accessing Cues, Rapport Skills, communication Model, Timeline Exercise, Perceptual Positioning, Right Brain Activities, Walt Disney Walk, Goal Setting, and Success Formula. Click Here
1 June 2023 Tata ClassEdge Orientation Tata ClassEdge is an e-learning system that provides great support through audio-visual approach in teaching learning process. Ms. Tencilen Moses, the coordinator of Tata ClassEdge conducted the orientation program for teachers to enhance the thinking abilities and ensured a thorough understanding of the curriculum content. Click Here
1 June 2023 Kips Orientation Mr. Suchetan from Kips Learning Pvt. Ltd. accompanied an orientated session on the usage of Kips e-learning app for interactive classroom learning and inculcated the importance of cyber security. Click Here

News & Events in TNA - 2022 to 2023

Date Events Description Photos
22 May 2023 Chess Tournament In the GVCA Tamil Nadu State Level Open Chess Tournament,our student Master Dev of Gr. V A has secured the 8th place. Click Here
6 May 2023 TNA Summer Sports Camp 2023 TNA Summer Sports Camp 2023 was inaugurated on Wednesday, the 26th April in the presence of the parents and 250 students of the camp at the Nazareth Academy School Campus by its Secretary, Mr. Henry Maris. The chief guest was Padmashri Vasudevan Bhaskaran, an Arjuna awardee and former Indian Hockey team Captain at Olympics 1980. Click Here
23 Apr. 2023 Cricket Tournament S. Sivani Swastika of Gr. IX B is selected to represent the Thiruvallur District Cricket Association Women's Round Robin Matches 2023-2024 as Right Arm Medium Fast Batter. Click Here
23 Apr. 2023 Chess Tournament Mast. Dev Sundaraj of Grade V won 10th place in Under 11 category, Thiruvallur District level Selection Chess Championship organized by Thiruvallur District Chess Association. Mast. Vaibhav of Grade VII won 8th place in Under 15 category Thiruvallur District level Selection Chess Championship organized by Thiruvallur District Chess Association. Click Here
1 Apr. 2023 Annual School Day The Annual School Day was grandly celebrated at the Campus on April 1st 2023 amidst a great crowd of Parents and well wishes.The Chief Guest of the day was the Motivational Speaker, Mrs. Kirtanya Krishnamurthy, CEO, MindFresh, who connected herself with parents by helping them to solve the problems in upbringing children during the current day scenario.

The Founder Dr Mrs. Chandra David handed over the free scholarship cheque worth Rs. 1,59,000 to Ms. Anu Dhaareni R S, who scored 98% in her CBSE Grade 10 board exam to pursue her Grade XI and XII education. Similarly, Master. Yuvan Priyan D and Master. Raghu Raman J who topped in Second and Third positions were granted 50% Free Scholarship for their +2 Education. The Class Toppers of the Annual Exam were honoured with the certificates and medals by the chief guest. The best performers in all fields like the best orator English, orator Tamil, dancer, singer, Writer, Poet, Actor, Instrumentalist, Athlete, Volunteer, Quizzer, Sports Person, Artist were identified and accolades distributed on stage.
Click Here
8 Mar. 2023 International Women’s Day International Women’s Day was celebrated today, March 8th, 2023 in our school, dedicating the day to all the strong women in the world, specially the women members of TNA family. Click Here
27 Feb. 2023 Sports League 2023 In the Bodhi Sports League 2023 Badminton under 14 Girls: Sree Badra, Gr. VII was awarded First place by Mr. Shanmugam, Vice Principal, TVIS RACQUET SPORTS ACADEMY. Click Here
20 Feb. 2023 Hall Ticket Distribution and Covenanat Service Second batch of Grade X Students who were taking the CBSE Board Examinationing received their Hall tickets from the Cheif Guest Pastor R.John Paul, the Founder of Rehoboth Joy Ministries, Ambur. Click Here
8 Feb. 2023 Field Trip On 8th February, the Students of Grade VIII visited Anna Centenary Library which is an established state library of the Government of Tamil Nadu. Students explored various Books, Journals, Magazines, Braille Books, Manuscripts. Click Here
26 Jan. 2023 Republic Day The Republic Day was celebrated on January 26 at the school grounds. The staff of TNA took pride in adoring and celebrating the spirit of unity. The event began at 8:15 am with the hoisting of the Indian National Flag by the TNA gardener Thiru Ezhu Malai. Principal Ms. Serita Christina welcomed the gathering, while Ms. Delbin administered the Pledge. Ms. Jeevitha and Ms. Shirin highlighted the significance of the day by delivering speeches. Click Here
23 Jan. 2023 The Emerging Trends on Early Years Education The Chennai Sahodaya Schools and The Dot Circle conducted a seminar on 23rd January on "The Emerging Trends on Early Years Education". The resource person were Thiru Balasubramanian, former RO, CBSE and Mrs. Nalina, Founder, The Dot Circle and MD, Parent Circle Magazine. Ms. Sukanya and Ms. Shirin of TNA actively participated in the seminar. Click Here
19 Jan. 2023 English Club Activity The Nazareth Academy provides a great learning experience for students to share their treasurable experience in organizing club activities at various levels. Students’ participation in the English Club Activity helps them to develop participation, self-confidence, and competitive spirit to prepare them for the upcoming challenges. The English Club of TNA conducted Hint Competition, Poem Recitation, Speech Competition, Declaration Talk, and Pictograph for Grades of I to VIII on 19th and 20th January 2023. NA
16 Dec. 2022 Donation to Little Drops The Nazareth Academy provided in-kind donations such as supplies, clothing, and stationery items to “Little Drops”, a public charitable trust on 16th December 2022. It is important for TNA to ensure that the items delivered to the orphanage are used responsibly and effectively to benefit the children and the community. NA
26 Nov. 2022 The NAASE '22 - Project Exhibition The NAASE ’22, Nazareth Academy Arts and Science Exhibition is an interactive event for students with quick learning opportunities & interactive approach in disseminating knowledge. There are 30 pavilions covering curriculum of KG to Grade VIII, Games, Bonsai, Pet Corner, Art Gallery, TNA Achievements and Stage Entertainment including a series of events organized by TNA Sports Committee, enthralling the audience with loads of fun. Click Here
27 Oct. 2022 100th Day and Infantry Day 100th day is celebrated in The Nazareth Academy where all Grades from KG to XI participated in activates of making Charts of 100 Flowers, 100 Balloons, 100 Capitals, 100 WhatsApp Emojis, 100 Plants (Leaves, Seeds, etc), 100 Food Items, 100 Birthday (From Jan. to Dec. Leaders Birthday), 100 Currencies (Coins, Notes), 100 Books & Authors, 100 Buds of Grade VII, 100 Actors / Actress, 100 Insects, 100 Fauna (Any bird, wild animals, etc), 100 Subjects (Ex: Physiology, Cardiology, Radiology, etc)

TNA is indeed privileged to have the Chief Guest Lt. Col. Sachin Kumar Thapa, Security Officer, Ministry of Defence on the Infantry Day celebration. His speech was thought provoking and imbibed patriotic instinct among the students. The experiences shared by Mr. Thapa inspired the students to serve for the Nation. Also Mr. T. Mohanakumar Rtd. CEO has graced the occasion and shared his words of wisdom.
Click Here
21 Oct. 2022 Field Trip to Chennai Rail Museum Gr. III Students were taken to Chennai Rail Museum on a Field Trip to gain practical experience of learning about the Railways. The different models of coaches were kept for observation to enlighten the students. The students then learned about the history of railways and had a joyful train ride. Overall they had a good visual experience of Rail Museum. Click Here
20 Oct. 2022 Diwali Demo Safe Diwali Demo at The Nazareth Academy is organised for the Students of all grades on October 20, 2022. Fire Stations officials educated students to differentiate various techniques to extinguish the fire. It was indeed an immense learning and a fun experience for our students. Click Here
14 Oct. 2022 Monsoon Day TNA celebrated Monsoon Day for the tiny tots in KG. To rejoice the showers of Monsoon, the pre-primary students of TNA came all prepared in their raincoats and umbrellas to play in the rain. All the children came dressed up in different shades of colours. The students of KG were brought out in the open area by their teachers with umbrellas and rain coats to enjoy the rainy weather. We created an artificial rain, and students were excited to get wet. Click Here
14 Oct. 2022 Term I - Parent Teacher Meeting The Parents Teacher Contact Session for viewing the Term I Answer Scripts and Report Cards conducted on Friday 14th October 2022 between 1.00 pm and 4.00 pm. NA
12 Oct. 2022 Cluster Tournament In the CSSC Thirvallur Cluster, Inter School Badminton Tournament Girls under 14 Category held at Shri R M Jain Vidyashram on 12.10.22, The Nazareth Academy clinched the Runners Up by defeating Chennai Public School in Quarter Finals and Velammal School in the Semi Finals. Click Here
9 Oct. 2022 Karate Championship 2022 Tanushka our Student of Gr. VI B received second place in Girls Kumite, conducted by The Karate Federation of India on 9th Oct at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Chennai. Click Here
24 Sep. 2022 Field Trip - Vel Tech Research Lab Students of Gr. IX were taken to Vel Tech Research Park on a Field Trip. They learned about molecular photo science, stencil printing, plasma oxyfuel cutting, shock wave, retention of nutrients, 3D printing and scanning, infrared spectroscopy and research lab brake system. Click Here
23 Sep. 2022 Field Trip - Ponnu Super Market Our LKG students went on a field trip to Ponnu Super Market as part of their extended learning on 23rd September 2022. The children learned highly valued socializing skills, identified healthy and unhealthy foods. Click Here
19 Sep. 2022 Field Trip - Ponnu Super Market On the basis of Science Curriculum, our UKG Kindergartens were taken to Avadi Ponnu Super market, a grocery store, to explore everything from their food to paying money. Click Here
17 Sep. 2022 Parent Teacher Meeting The Nazareth Academy conducted Parent Teacher Meeting on 17th September 2022 for Grades X & XI to get the obliging suggestions and opinions from beloved parents. NA
16 Sep. 2022 Vegetable Day and Rhyme Recitation The Tiny Tots Cub of The Nazareth Academy conducted the RECITE – A – RHYME contest to expose and exhibits the reciting, articulatory and performing skills of the UKG Students. We also celebrated Vegetable Day in a novel way, by organizing SOLILOQUY contest to expose and exhibit the articulatory, speaking skills and performing skills of the LKG Students. Click Here
07 Sep. 2022 Onam Celebration (KG) Harvset Festival depict the fertility, abundnace and growth. Onam, the Kerala harvest festival is celebrated in Tamil Nadu also vibrantly. Click Here
26 Aug. 2022 Hindustani Heroes (KG) KG Students actively participated on the Fancy Dress Program “Hindustani Heroes” on 26th August 2022 Friday at The Nazareth Academy. They came dressed as Nethaji, Nehru, Bharathiyar, Ambedkar, Bhagat Singh, Indira Gandhi, Kithu Rani Chennamma etc. Click Here
25 Aug. 2022 Book Exhibition Books are the most loyal and trusted friends. The Nazareth Academy always encourages reading. A three day Book Exhibition was held in the campus. Books for 3 to 30 years were exhibited and also sold with a discount of 20% for kids. The children were fascinated in hunting for their favorite books!! Click Here
25 Aug. 2022 Educational Field Trip – Decathlon Our Grade IV students visited Decathlon Sports House for an educational field trip on 25th August 2022 to gain a great deal of factual information from their trips. The main objective of this trip is interactive learning, access to different environments and social interaction. Click Here
15 Aug. 2022 Independence Day & Investiture Ceremony The Student Council of the Nazareth Academy was inaugurated on the auspicious occasion of the Platinum Jubilee Independence Day of India. The four houses (Jacinth, Jasper, Amber, Garnet) marched magnanimously and the Chief Guest Dr. P. David Jawahar, Former Registrar of Madras University took the salute and hoisted the tricolour.

The Student Council Members were introduced by the Principal, Ms. Serita Christina and the oath of office was administered by Mr. Henry Maris, the Secretary of the School. The badges were offered to the Student Council Members, Class Monitors and the Volunteers of the School.

The Students performed skit, dance, choreography, songs and speeches to kindle the patriotic feelings in the audience. The free contributions of the students towards the orphans and down trodden were handed over to various NGOs like the Little drops, Karuna MurthiVallalar Trust, ParisuthaNarkarunai, Open Hands, Home of Hope Children’s Home and Shadow Trust. The enthralling crowd of parents were imbibed with the great love for their country in their spirits as they departed after the Programme.
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6 Aug. 2022 Parent Teacher Meeting The Nazareth Academy conducted Parent Teacher Meeting on 6th August 2022 of Grades I - X to get the valuable suggestions and feedbacks from the respected parents. The main motive of this PTM contact is to build the interaction of parents with teachers regard to their ward’s curriculum activities. NA
5 Aug. 2022 Hindustani Heroes (I - III) The Social Science Club conducted a Fancy Dress Competition on 5th August 2022 Friday at The Nazareth Academy for the Children of Grade I to III. Students displayed their talents on the theme ‘Hindustani Heroes’. They came dressed as Nethaji, Nehru, Bharathiyar, Ambedkar, Bhagat Singh, Indira Gandhi, Kithu Rani Chennamma, Jancy Rani, Dr APJ, Sarojini Naidu, Kuyili, Kalpana Chawla, Thiruvalluvar, Annie Besant, Rani Lakshmi Bai, Gandhiji, Kamarajar, Valakku Vel Ambalam, Tantia Tope, Veerapandian Kattbomman etc. They all looked vibrant in their colourful and different costumes. NA
30 Jul. 2022 Student’s Council Election The Annual School Election for the session 2022-23 was held in school premises for Head Boy, Head Girl, Sports Secretary, Asst. Sports Secretary, Cultural Secretary, Asst. Cultural Secretary, Four House Captains, Four House Vice-Captains on 30th July 2022. Students from Grade VIII to XI took an active part in the selection process. Click Here
29 and 30 Jul. 2022 Sudharsanam Vidyaashram – Zest Fest 2022 In the Zest Fest Cultural at Sudharshanam School, our TNA Team won: Ramp Walk – I Place, Folk Dance – I Place, Ship Wreck – I Place, English Elocution – II Place & III Place, Face Painting – II Place, Tamil Elocution – III Place. Click Here
21 Jul. 2022 Green Kalam Project Green Kalam an NGO conducted a Recycling Campaign to create awareness in students towards protecting the environment for a better tomorrow. Recycling paper can minimizes cutting of trees. Students of KG to Gr. X contributed waste papers. They were awarded saplings and handmade papers for their contribution. Click Here
16 Jul. 2022 Maths Magic Contest Maths Magic Contest was conducted for Grades VI to XI at The Nazareth Academy. For Grade VI and VIII Students, “Magic Squares” and for Grade IX & X “Sudoku” competitions were conducted. All Students participated keenly and got prizes. NA
15 Jul. 2022 Kalvi Valarchi Naal The auspicious Perunthalaivar Kamaraj Birthday was celebrated as Kalvi Valarchi Naal at The Nazareth Academy. Mr Arul Padmarajan was the Chief Guest who delivered the message on the occasion and motivated the Students. Click Here
15 Jul. 2022 Maths Magic Contest Maths Magic Contest was conducted for Grades I to V at The Nazareth Academy. For Grade I and II Students, “Add & Colour” and for Grade III to V “Shapes to Figures” competitions were conducted. All Students participated ardently and won prizes. NA
8 Jul. 2022 Covid Vaccincation Drive The Nazareth Academy students of Grade VII to XI took their Covid vaccination at school. The medical crew from the Primary Health center administered the Vaccine. Grade VII to IX had Corbevax and Grade X and XI took Covaxin. Click Here
8 Jul. 2022 Flower's Day Flower's Day is celebrated by KG department on Friday 08.07.2022. The tiny tots participated with full interest and energy. The kids brought flowers, charts and were able to describe about flowers in sentences. Click Here
26 Jun. 2022 Doctors Day Deep we all know it is extremely difficult to find words to thank the Doctors for their care and service. The Nazareth Academy kids took the 'Doctors Day' an opportunity to Thank the Heroes! Click Here
26 Jun. 2022 Grade X Students Trip The Nazareth Academy Senior Grade students were taken on a trip to the Queens Land. The trip helped them to vent out their academic pressures and refreshened their minds. Click Here
24 Jun. 2022 Green Day The maiden event of the TNA KG kids was the 'Green Day' an in-house program. But it attracted the parents too to witness the clumsy walks and blabbering talks of the tiny tots. Click Here
21 Jun. 2022 International Yoga Day The 8th International Yoga Day is celebrated by the students of TNA to achieve a better life, physically and mentally as well. The students from Grade I to IX started the Yoga session with warm up exercises and demonstrated Surya Namaskar, sitting and standing asanas to remain fit and improve concentration. Click Here
12 Jun. 2022 Food Festival The Nazareth Academy actively participated in the “Unavu Thiruvizha” - Food Festival, organised by the Thiruvallur District Administration and the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India on Sunday 12.6.22 at the HVF Grounds at Avadi. The organic foods and recipes prepared by TNA were greatly welcomed by the crowd. Click Here
5 Jun. 2022 Environmental Day The theme of World Environment Day for the year 2022 is ' Only One Earth'. Planting of Saplings is handled by the Secretary of TNA, Mr. Henry Maris and cleaning of campus is done by the Students of TNA. Click Here
4 Jun. 2022 MiKids Orientation The root of The Nazareth Academy is the Kindergarten. KG Teacher Training Workshop was attended by the KG and Preprimary teachers to equip them on the Multimedia teaching methodology of Mikids. The teachers methodology, phonics, accent and syllable rules. Click Here
3 Jun. 2022 MacMillan Orientation MacMillian Orientation was conducted by Mr.Prithvi on the usage of Crimson Textbook for the teachers of Grade I to V. Click Here
2 Jun. 2022 Studi Breeze The Studi Breeze coaching center for NEET and IIT-JEE organized its Orientation for the staffs and students for Grade 9 &10. Mr. Rajan of Studi Breeze briefed the entire program to students and helped them to understand the importance of competitive exams. Click Here
1 Jun. 2022 Tata ClassEdge Program TNA imparts education through Tata ClassEdge for better understanding and higher level knowledge of the curriculum. Ms. Tencilen Moses, the coordinator of Tata ClassEdge taught to make maximum utilization of the facilities provided by Tata ClassEdge to improve the knowledge level of Students. Click Here
31 May 2022 Excellence in Teaching Dr. Roopsingh conducted a session for all teachers of TNA about excelling teaching abilities of a teacher. The session included some key points that a teacher can follow to excel in teaching. Click Here
30 May 2022 Dedication of Cana Square The Nazareth Academy, away from the frenetic din of the city, has forced to open eleven more spacious classrooms, an art gallery, indoor Badminton court and a ultra tech Computer Lab for the students, that is named as “Cana Square”. The state of an art block was inaugurated by the Founder of the Nazareth Group of Schools, Dr. Mrs. Chandra David, in the august presence of Dr. Jeyarani Andrews, Founder Bible calls TV and the Secretary of TNA, Mr. Henry Maris. Click Here
5 May 2022 TNA Summer Sports Camp 2022 TNA Summer Sports Camp 2022 was officially inaugurated on Sunday the 24th April at the vast Nazareth Academy School Campus by its Secretary, Mr. Henry Maris amidst the presence of 380 students and their parents. Click Here
23 Apr. 2022 Covenant Service The first Batch of The Nazareth Academy students who are taking the CBSE Board Examination had an auspicious start by receiving their Hall tickets in a solemn function from the Founder, and Correspondent of the school Dr. Chandra David Click Here